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Mouth Watering


Inspired by our famous "Stuffed Chocolate Cake," these 3" minis are portable, affordable and packed with punches of flavor! Available in seven flavors.



Peanut Butter Chocolate

Chocolate Cake, PB Cup stuffing and garnish, Chocolate Ganache, PB frosting.



Birfday Cake

Vanilla Funfetti Cake, White Chocolate Crumble, Vanilla Buttercream, Maraschino Cherry.


IMG_1141 (2).jpg

Pina Colada

Coconut/Pineapple flavored cake, Caramelized Pineapple Stuffing, Vanilla Buttercream, Maraschino Cherry.



Chocolate Cake, Marshmallow Meringue, Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Chip and Graham Cracker stuffing and garnish.

tea cakes.jpg

Tea Cakes

Any flavor cake and frosting, covered with fondant and adorned with edible jewels, flowers and/or vintage scrolling.

For more inspiration, please visit our Gallery.

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